Position yourself as an expert and create a sleek design process?
Its possible.

A 10-week program in which we lay down the foundations of your web design business so that you can grow in a way that suits you.


You are endlessly hitting the backspace button when you make customer proposals. Always doubting what should and should not be included.


You know full well that you do a great job, but you sometimes doubt whether your customers understand why you do something and you find it difficult to set boundaries (endless feedback rounds anyone?).


You don’t always feel confident about working with your clients. Sometimes you doubt yourself and you fear that your clients will also feel that doubt.

If this is how you feel right now, don’t worry! Every web designer struggles with these things. But you don’t have to do it all alone.


A web design business can be overwhelming

You absolutely love your job, you put your headphones on and start building those websites. You see yourself doing this for years to come. Dealing with customers, however, is a completely different game. In fact, it is seems to be a job in its own right.

You are busy and feel like you’re getting more and more behind on things. You have to put off your new plans all the time. You have meetings that drain your energy and you get frustrated with some demands.

You started doing business to feel free and autonomous, but is that your reality? Are you not completely overwhelmed?

Promoting yourself, negotiating, administration, nobody prepared you for that. How do you ensure that you have the freedom to organize your work the way you want, dare to charge the prices you are worth and at the same time exceed the expectations of clients? How do you deal with the ignorance you encounter in discussions with customers? How do you offer an alternative to unrealistic demands? How do you get a briefing that covers the whole load? And how do you deal with endless feedback rounds?

Are you done doing everything alone?

Join the club. Join our club.


How to make your life as a web designer easier.

Web Club is a mentorship & mastermind that helps you streamline your design processes and position yourself as an expert . How to get yourself and your brand on track, how to deal with customers and what to do when you’re overwhelmed.

Web Club is your network, your safety net and your advisor. You may think you are unique in your struggles, but you are unique only in your talent. Other than that, you’re basically normal.

We web wonders walk the same paths, perhaps with a different hat on but with the same course. At Web Club we firmly believe that there is enough work for everyone. Competition is not necessary because everyone has their own style and taste. Therefore, learn from your predecessors and do it together. Alone is just so alone.

Web Club ensures that you are no longer alone and overwhelmed, but that you are comfortable and structurally checking shit off your to do list.


But what exactly are we going to do?

Module 1

Business Mindset

Because the main reasons why we don’t achieve what we want are in our own heads. And for that you don’t have to become completely spiri-wiri or suddenly start meditating, but we will look at your blockages in a pragmatic way and remove them.

Module 2

ideal clients

Because who are the people you prefer to work for? What do they have in common? And which qualities that you have as a web designer fit best with that? And perhaps most importantly: how and where do you find these people?

Module 3


How do you create a portfolio that sets you apart from other web designers? How do you ensure that your specific design qualities come to the fore? Which projects should you and shouldn’t you show and what can you do if you still have an entire portfolio to fill?

Module 4

offer & prices

How on earth do you determine what price to ask for a project? Are you going to invoice per hour or do you want to make package prices? And how exactly do you set it up so that your ideal customers are queuing up to work with you? And so that you achieve your sales goals, of course. We will cover all of them in this module.

Module 5

small print

Sure. This is not the stuff you like to do. Boring, but so important. Because you will only miss those general terms and conditions if you really need them. Or when you find out that a contract would have been useful after all. And how do you actually ensure that your website is legally in order?

Module 6

marketing & Sales

I know – you hate sales. It just always feels so slick. Writing a nice instagram post is ok to do, but you will never be a smooth sales tiger. And you don’t have to. But there are certain techniques and steps you can take so that your calendar is always exactly as full as you want it to be.

Module 7

Passive income

Oh that sounds amazing doesn’t it? But I can tell you that it won’t happen automatically. There’s more to it than you might think. How can you ensure a constant flow of income without having to go out for the farmer every time? Let’s discuss in this module.

Module 8


To avoid having to reinvent the wheel for every new customer, we will set up a clear process & systems with which you will work. Not only can you work faster this way, but your customer also knows exactly where they stand.

Doing everything yourself and doing it all alone are really two different things.



Join our club

Just wait a little longer and then the doors of Web Club will open for the first time! Do you want to be the first to hear about it and have a chance to become one of the founding members of the club? Can just. Sign up below for the waiting list and I will contact you as soon as we open. We expect to start the intake interviews in April. If you have any questions before then, you know where to find me!